Mission Statement

The work is based on investigation, campaigning and media exposure, but also lobbying on EU level. In most campaigns is part of a network of international organisations in bigger projects.

Animals don’t recognize borders. But animal exploitation is ingrained worldwide, in our personal lives, politics, economy. Our work focuses on making the world smaller by networking with other animal organisations thus connecting the dots, and reducing or with time eliminating animal exploitation right at home and everywhere where it happens.

The main goal of Animals without Borders is to abolish any form of abuse, torture and exploitation of animals by humans.

This is done through awareness raising on animal welfare through (social) media, Improving animal protection legislation, environmental protection and promoting sustainable development. The main fields are:

- Animals in intensive farming, with special focus on transport and export.

- Animals used in science

- Traning NGO and activists to support their work and growth

- Support for activists through a specialized self-care program