About Us

AWB was founded in 2019 with the goal to raise awareness to the plight of animals used in laboratories and in factory farming.

In addition AWB also runs NGO management and self-care workshops and trainings for activists, groups and NGOs.

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Aims / Mission Statement:

Vision: Action for Animals in Croatia and across borders.

Mission: Animals don’t recognize borders but animal exploitation is ingrained worldwide - in our personal lives, politics, economy. Our work focuses on making the world smaller by networking with other animal organisations thus connecting the dots, and reduce or with time eliminate animal exploitation right at home and everywhere where it happens.

Overview Of Activities:

Anita is an earth muffin, a herbivore, and totally committed peace, social and animal rights activist. She started her animal rights work at the age of 12 when a replacement teacher showed the class a video of the Canadian seal slaughter. By that time she was already a vegetarian and that day, in the early 80's, she became a Greenpeace activist and quickly joined animal rights groups in her hometown of Berlin.

Today her work and activism includes grassroot activism, direct action, campaigning and EU lobbying to defend the rights of animals. She has been a board member of a leading Croatian animal rights organisation for over a decade and recently registered her own NGO 'Animals without Borders'. This organisation focuses its work on uncovering the plight of farm and laboratory animals.

Since 2017 Anita has been an organizer with 'The Save Movement'. She is mainly active in eastern European countries to support local activists, holds workshops, conducts training and recruits more people to take action for animals.

Her main focus at the moment is animal transport and export of animals from the EU to the Middle East by ship, a horror trade for these animals on so-called ships to hell.